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Tru-Brix® is a revolutionary thin brick siding system that can be installed over virtually any surface and is designed to replace vinyl siding, wood siding, or aluminum siding. The Tru-Brix system doesn't rely on adhesives like some other brick siding systems; instead, the thin brick are held in place by steel rails which form a permanent mechanical bond.

Any existing siding material is removed from the structure, and the steel rails and brick are installed onto the walls. Real mortar is pumped between the brick and hand-finished by our expert installers.

Now it's possible to have the brick home you've always dreamed of with less time and hassle than traditional masonry without using fakebrick. Tru-Brix Real Brick siding is the smart way to increase your home's value and curb appeal while giving you the beauty and security you deserve using REAL brick veneer siding.

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Thin Brick Siding over concrete block.

The Fleming Community Center has covered its cement block walls with real thinbrick using the Tru-Brix system.

Thin Brick Siding

Tru-Brix Residential Project in Hagerstown, Maryland

Replace vinyl siding with Real Brick Siding.

Thin Brick Siding Interior

thinbrick siding

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