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May 2010

Tru-Brix brochure is now available online! Now you can view each and every page of our newest brochure.
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May 2010

The largest commercial Tru-Brix project to date is in going on in New York and is close to being completed!
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Feb. 2010

The Tru-Brix and Redland Brick information booths at the Hagerstown Home Show in Maryland. This event was held at the Hagerstown Community College.
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January 2010
Tru-Brix launches its very first YouTube video which reveals just how easy, clean, and fast installing Tru-Brix is.
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September. 2009
Professional Builders and Professional Remodelers magazines name Tru-Brix as one of the top-100 new products of 2009!


Welcome to Tru-Brix - Real Brick Siding

Tru-Brix® is a revolutionary thin brick siding system that can be installed over virtually any surface and is designed to replace vinyl, wooden, or aluminum siding. The Tru-Brix system doesn't rely on adhesives like some other brick siding systems; instead, the brick tiles are held in place by steel rails which form a permanent mechanical bond. Any existing siding material is removed from the structure, and the steel rails and brick tiles are installed onto the walls. Real mortar is pumped between the brick tiles and hand-finished by our expert installers. Now it's possible to have the brick home you've always dreamed of with less time and hassle than traditional masonry. Tru-Brix Real Brick Siding is the smart way to increase your home's value and curb appeal while giving you the beauty and security you deserve.



Our professional installation technicians are available to help you by answering any questions you have about Tru-Brix or, depending on the size of the project, free on-site training.

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Tru-Brix was designed to replace wood, aluminum, and vinyl sided buildings with real brick. The system comes with a 50-year warranty.

AIA Certification

Learn more about the different types of thin brick systems from our AIA certified instructor. Plus, earn Continuing Education Credits in the process.

Since Tru-Brix is manufactured from traditional clay brick, it meets or exceeds the requirements of ASTM C-1088 thin brick, grade exterior (severe weathering). With the permanance of fired clay brick and longevity of heavy gauge steel, Tru-Brix provides the strongest warranty of any thin brick system available on the market today.


A huge Tru-Brix project is happening right now in Canton, New York!
The Gray Lanes Building is being renovated using 30,000 #103 Antique Oversized brick. As you can see from the new photos above, this project is almost finished. Please check back for more news on this project and photos of the building once it has been completed.